Nintendo “Switch”es It Up with New Console

For a while gaming giant Nintendo had been tight lipped about their plans for a new console. Skipping major events for the gaming community this past year, like E3, and hosting their own, Nintendo was able to keep some of the secrets of the new product guarded until they were ready to unleash it on the world. Well today seems to be that unleashing day they’ve marked on the calendar. Arama!Japan, say hello to Nintendo Switch.


New photos of game system added



161021_game_02 161021_game_03 161021_game_04 161021_game_05


As mentioned earlier in the article, Nintendo had tried to keep most of the details about Switch hidden. But in the age of the internet that is almost virtually impossible (pun not intended). The home console/portable gaming system has been rumored for a while within the gaming community. What was unknown though, was how you would be able to link up with other Switch systems and play with your friends (or enemies?).

This seems to be a step in the right direction and honestly looks like what the WiiU should’ve been. But we can’t dwell on the past now, can we? Look towards the future, specifically March 2017, when Nintendo Switch will be released.

via Nintendo Official Youtube

photos via fashion-press