Japanese Netizens Disgusted Over “Period Boy” Manga About Boy who Menstruates

Disclaimer: This post is not suitable for anyone who is squeamish about menstrual cycles

Netizens from the popular online forum for women Girls Channel discovered a manga that is weird even by Japanese standards. The manga is called “Seiri Danshi” or “Period Boy,” and it is about a boy who awakens to find that he has begun menstruating.

**Graphic Images Below**

The following are pages from the manga. (NSFW?)

The netizens of Girls Channel were certainly perplexed and disturbed, leaving comments such as these:

4. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:55:58 [通報] 気持ち悪い


15. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:56:45 [通報] なんだこれw

What the heck is this lol
But I’m interested in how it continues

20. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:56:57 [通報] 最後は子供でも産むのかな?w

In the end will he give birth to a child?

7. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:57:19 [通報] 女性を馬鹿にしてる様にしか思えない

I can’t help but think that this is making fun of women

37. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:58:22 [通報] 子ども産めないのになんで生理?

He can’t have children so why does he have a period?

38. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:58:22 [通報] 痔じゃないですかね…(--;)

I wonder if this is just a hemorrhoid…

40. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:58:32 [通報] 子宮もないのに、どっから血が出るんだよ。

Without a uterus where the heck does the blood come from? This is just a hemorrhoid, a hemorrhoid.

48. 匿名 2014/08/18(月) 20:59:00 [通報] え〜どういうこと?

Huuuuh what is this?
I don’t understand the meaning at all.
Are women reading this and getting excited? Or are men reading it?
I don’t get it!

What do you, Arama readers think of Period Boy? Is it going to far, or would you read it?