Ever Wanted To Watch Gackt Play Videogames?

No Yes!! Well, wow you can. The popular J-rock singer recently signed a deal with Nestle, which requires him to play at least one videogame for every single day of the year. This is all in an effort to promote Nestle’s new line of coffee machines. The first game GACKT decides to tackle is Mega Man 2, originally released in 1988 for the NES/Famicom.

The challenge is to see how far he can go without dying. As usual Gackt is his stoic self, Siliconcera tells us that he is quite amazed by the music, commending the sound and the process which how it was created. Perhaps a song inspired by Mega Man is in store for the future? Once the game actually starts Gackt decides to choose Metal Man’s stage. How long does his journey last? see for yourself

Better luck next time!