Why is Asuka Langley Soryu so popular?

Asuka Langley Soryu was introduced to the world through the highly successful and acclaimed Neon Genesis Evangelion series. Asuka instantly became a hit with many Evangelion fans. Shes energetic, bright, and has confidence. With feats such as graduating University at age 14 she also posses both true strength and high achievements. Here are three reasons why a writer from Japanese website Charpedia thinks Asuka struck a chord with so many people.

A ‘tsundere’ character without being disagreeable.

When you say tsundere, you tend to imagine characters who stubbornly acts coldly towards their partner but, those sorts of situations in some respects give an unnatural impression. In that point calling Asuka a tsundere is simply because she is awkward in conveying her feelings well. At times her speech can be quite mature and her actions that make you forget shes just a middle school student, but on the flip side there’s a pure and inexperienced part to her as well.

Because that psychological description is natural without any hint of it being forced like many other anime characters, we feel a great charm from her “tsundere” behavior.Even though at a glance she looks perfect we cant help but be drawn to the gap where she sometimes shows her weaker side!

Very kind and tender

Because Asuka is strict with herself she can apply the same to other people. However, that could be because her true nature of kindness is making her do this. For example, in the 2009 movie “Evangelion: 2.0 You Can Not Advance” Rei Ayanami plans a special dinner party in an attempt to repair the relationship between Gendo Ikari and his son Shinji Ikari. However a test of the new mecha “Unit-03” is scheduled on the same day as the dinner party. Asuka volunteers to take Rei’s place as the test pilot, which ultimately puts Asuka in grave danger.

Even though Asuka posses such kindness, the trauma she received due to her unfortunate past with her mother makes it difficult for her to become really close with her peers. Perhaps many fans have had their heart snatched by her “fleeting nature”.

Her sociable personality

The EVA pilots are definitely an eccentric bunch, out of those the one with the most direct and upfront personality is Asuka. She’s able to build favorable relationships with characters around her both at school and NERV, however she still keeps a certain level of distance from them without going too deep, and that just gives her more charm.

How was that? Also, since her surname has been changed in the “Rebuild of Evengleion” series some fans speculate that her personality is completely different, but I do not think her essential personality has changed. She is kind but acts cold, she is weak but feigns strength. That child-like sweet part of her is above anything, Asuka’s charm.

Translation by JenJen