Everything is a (re)cycle : “Fruits Basket” new anime adaptation “remake” strikes in 2019

20 years after the original manga first publication, TMS Entertainment announced that Natsuki Takaya manga Fruits Basket was in the making for its second anime adaptation.

The anime, which is scheduled for 2019, will actually be an adaptation of the full 23 volumes manga (the first anime -aired in 2001- ending around the 6th volume).

Check out the first visuals of the new anime design makeover down below !



2001 anime design :

After Fruits Basket ended in 2007, Natsuki Takaya initiated a “Twinkle Stars” (2008) and “Liselotte to Majo no Mori” (2011), the later being currently on hiatus (since 2013) after Takaya underwent some medical issues…. which didn’t stop her of releasing a “Fruit Basket” sequel simply entitled “Fruits Basket Another” (2015) relating the stories of the original “Fruits Basket” characters’ offsprings.


Are you excited about this remake? Do you enjoy the new character design?

Do you think that Natsuki Takuya on the low end of her creative abilities is actually overstepping the mark of her (only) hit manga?

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source : Nautiljon.com