Nogizaka46’s Mai Shiraishi’s photobook “Passport” reprinted for the 22nd time

Nogizaka46 member Mai Shiraishi has continued to establish herself as one of the top members of the group.

Her 2017 photobook “Passport” has just been reprinted for the 22nd time, according to it’s publisher Kodansha. This is Shiraishi’s second photobook overall, her first titled “Seijun na Otona” was released in December 2014. She then went on to release her first fashion/style photobook “MAI STYLE”  a month later in January 2015.

“Passport” became available for purchase in February 2017 with an initial run of 100,000 copies. It had completely sold out before the end of February, receiving three more represses before March even began.

It went on to receive a new pressing every single month in 2017 generally ranging from 5,000-10,000 copies, with the exception of June. In some months the photobook received multiple represses due to high demand. This trend continued well into 2018, where it received a new press in every month except July, September, and October.

Total sales for “Passport” are now at 330,000 copies.

While there has been no announcement yet, the anticipation is very high for Shiraishi’s third photobook which is no doubt on the way after the huge success and longevity of “Passport”.