NMB48 Idol Ririka Suto to Pursue Doctorate in Germany

Idol group NMB48 member Ririka Suto shook things up with when she revealed her intentions to get married at the 9th annual Senbatsu General Election back in June. Now she has revealed her plan to study in Germany and work towards a doctorate following her impending graduation.

The NMB48 official shop blog shared pictures of 18 selected members with comments on the group’s third album release “Nanba Ai ~Ima, Omokoto~” and their current thoughts, with Suto revealing her plans after she graduates the idol group:

I was really glad to find NMB48. There was only love here. Love was only here!! Please take care of my biggest “hater” [fellow group member] Kokoro Naiki. I’m going to go get a doctorate in Germany.

Last year, Suto revealed her ambition to become a philosopher. She published the philosophy book “Jinsei wo kiken ni sarase!” and delivered her first lecture on philosophy at Kogakuin University in May 2016.

(via Nikkan Sports)