Nishikido Ryo reunites with Kudokan in new Fall Drama ‘Gomen ne Seishun’

Nishikido Ryo will be starring in TBS’ new Nichiyou Gekijou Fall drama slot, titled  ‘Gomen ne Seishun’ (lit Sorry, Youth). He will be reuniting with scriptwriter Kudo Kankuro (Amachan, 11 Nin mo Iru!), 6 years after working together in drama Ryusei no Kizuna’. This will also serve as Kudokan’s return to TBS four years afer ‘Unubore Deka’. Mitsushima Hikari (Soredemo, Ikite yuku, Woman) will be co-starring in this new drama.

The drama is scheduled to air on October, Sundays, 9pm. More info on the plot below.

Hara Heisuke (Nishikido Ryo) is a teacher at a high school in Shizuoka. He is like most people rather than an exceptional person. But an unfortunate accident which occurred 14 years ago ended up messing up his life. Feeling responsible, he stuck to his hometown and alma mater from then on. Meanwhile, it is decided that the boys school where he works will be merged with a girls school in the same area because of a decline in student numbers next year.

Further cast announcements or plot information are yet to be made.

Source: TBS, Jdramas