Ziyoou-vachi Release PV for “Thriller”

On July 22, Ziyoou-vachi is set to release their new mini album “Shisshin.” This release will consist of 3 new songs, plus the 2 new versions of “Baishun” that were released digitally in May. The original version of “Baishun” was on “Kirei”, their album from this past March. In the song, the band’s vocalist Avu-chan sang both the male and female parts. For these new versions, Avu-chan sang just one gendered part for each version. Avu-chan’s male vocals were used in the version which features Ai Shinozaki, while Avu-chan’s female vocals were used in the version which features Ryohei Shima of the dresscodes.

Ziyoou-vachi recently released the music video for their new mini album’s opening track, “Thriller.” The music video for the energetic song has a Chinese theme. It also features the band being attacked by vampires. There are connections here between this video and the one for Michael Jackson’s classic of the same name. Check it out after the jump, along with the covers and tracklist for “Shisshin!”

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. スリラ (Thriller)
2. 売旬 feat. 篠崎愛 (Baishun feat. Ai Shinozaki)
3. ギラギラ (Gira Gira)
4. 売旬 feat. 志磨遼平 (ドレスコーズ) (Baishun feat. Ryohei Shima (the dresscodes))
5. 空中戦 (Kuchu Sen)

Limited Edition CD2
1. スリラ (Thriller) (Instrumental)
2. 売旬 (Karaoke Version A)
3. ギラギラ (Gira Gira) (Instrumental)
4. 売旬 (Karaoke Version B)
5. 空中戦 (Kuchu Sen) (Instrumental)




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