Passepied Release PV for “Ura no Ura”

On July 29, Passepied will release their new single, “Ura no Ura.” The song serves as the opening theme for the NHK anime series “Kyoukai no RINNE”, starting with episode 14. Episodes 1 – 13 used their song “Toki no Wa” as the closing theme. One of the B-sides on this single, “Spy Tai Spy” is a cover of the PIZZICATO FIVE song of the same name.

Passepied recently released the music video for “Ura no Ura.” In the clip, the band performs the the song in front of a screen displaying various cityscapes. Check it out after the jump!

1. 裏の裏 (Ura no Ura)
2. かざぐるま (Kazaguruma)
3. スパイ対スパイ (Spy Tai Spy)

Limited Edition CD2
1. とおりゃんせ (Toryanse) (2015.6.24 Live at STUDIO COAST)
2. 印象Dメドレー (Inshou D Medley) (2015.6.26 Live at Namba Hatch)
シネマ~△ ~脳内戦争~デモクラシークレット (Cinema ~△~Nounai Sensou~Democrasecret)
3. 気象予報士の憂鬱 (Kisyo Yoho-shi no Yuutsu) (2015.6.24 Live at STUDIO COAST)
4. MATATABISTEP (2015.6.24 Live at STUDIO COAST)


Ura no Ura