Yumi Matsutoya unveils all of the details about her upcoming album “Uchuu Toshokan”

In late August we reported that songstress Yumi Matsutoya would be releasing a new studio album titled “Uchuu Toshokan” on November 2nd.  Ahead of this date, she has now made all of the information about this new record, including its cover and track list, available to the public.  The cover and other artwork related to the release were designed by Chie Morimoto, who also worked on Yumi’s previous album “POP CLASSICO”.

In addition, Yumi also published the short version of the music video for the release’s title track to her official Youtube channel.  The PV is meant to evoke memories of sci-fi films from an era gone by, such touches particularly evident in the shot composition and color gradient.

Read on below for a look at this MV, as well as the cover and complete track list for “Uchuu Toshokan”.

-’Uchuu Toshokan’ Track List-


  1. Uchuu Toshokan
  2. Nokoribi
  3. Sillage
  5. Anata ni Au Tabi
  6. Hoshi ni Natta Futari
  7. Tsuki made Hitottobi
  8. Smile for me
  9. Watashi no Kokoro no Naka no Chizu
  10. Kimi (to Boku) no BIRTHDAY
  11. Kidzukazu Sugita Hatsukoi (Extra Winter Version)
  12. GREY

(via natalie)