Yumemiru Adolescence Defy Gravity in ‘Leadership’ PV

The ladies of Yumemiru Adolescence are back with the music video for ‘Leadership ‘. With the video setting taking place in a singular room, the girls seem to break the laws of physics as they perform their ‘anti-gravity dance’ and do simple tasks (such as pouring water) at a steep angle. Stick around til the end the video to see how this feat was accomplished and to see some cute behind the scenes outtakes below!


Leadership ‘ is featured on the single ‘Love For You ‘; out July 27th. This is Yumemiro Adolescence’s 5th single under Sony.

Luv4U ver ALuv4U ver B Luv4U ver CLuv4U ver D Luv4U ver ELuv4U ver F

(‘Love For You’ covers versions A-F)


Via YumeAdo LineBlog