YUKI Releases Full Details on New Album “Mabataki”

As previously reported, YUKI will release her new album, “Mabataki”, on March 15. “Mabataki” is YUKI’s first album since September 2014’s “FLY.” The album will be released in four editions: 2CD+DVD limited edition, CD only regular edition, cassette edition, and 2 record vinyl edition (the last two editions will be released on March 29). The second CD that comes with the limited edition features live recordings from YUKI’s “commune of ten” tour from last year. The DVD that comes with that edition of “Mabataki” includes video footage from the same tour. All of this content will be housed in LP-sized packaging.

Check out more information on “Mabataki” below!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition




YUKI「まばたき」カセットテープ ジャケット




1. 暴れたがっている (Abaretagatteiru)
2. さよならバイスタンダー (Sayonara Bystander)
3. こんにちはニューワールド (Konnichiwa New World)
4. 無敵 (Muteki)
5. 名も無い小さい花 (Namonai Chiisai Hana )
6. レディ・エレクトリック (Lady Electric)
7. 私は誰だ (Watashi wa Dareda)
8. tonight
9. ポストに声を投げ入れて (Post ni Koe wo Nageirete)
10. バスガール (Bus Girl)
11. 2人だけの世界 (Futari Dake no Sekai)
12. 聞き間違い (Kiki Machigai )
13. トワイライト (Twilight)

CD2 (Limited Edition only)
1. コミュニケーション (Communication)
2. ありがとう (Arigatou)
3. ファンキー・フルーツ (Funky Fruits)
4. あおぞら (Aozora)
5. ミス・イエスタデイ (Miss Yesterday)
6. 恋人よ (Koibito yo)
7. スウィートセブンティーン (Sweet Seventeen)
8. 君を束縛したいのです (Kimi wo Sokubaku Shitai Nodesu)
9. あの娘になりたい (Ano Musume ni Naritai )
10. 集まろう for tomorrow (Atsumarou for tomorrow)

DVD (Limited Edition only)
・YUKI LIVE “commune of ten” (Digest movie)