Yu Takahashi to release new studio album “Kishikata Yukusue”

Pop-rock singer/songwriter Yu Takahashi will be releasing his fifth full album “Kishikata Yukusue” next week on November 16th.  This new release will include Yu’s previous singles “Ashita wa Kitto Ii Hi ni Naru”, “Sakura no Uta”, “Umareta Wake”, and “Hikari no Hahen”, as well as a self-cover of “Zou” (which he wrote for idol group Kanjani8) plus seven new songs for a total of twelve.

In addition, a video digest for the album’s DVD content and the short music video for its opening track “Mr.Complex Man” have been uploaded to his official Youtube channel.  The PV is a collaboration between Yu and comedian/illustrator Muneto Ashizawa; it features a version of his popular character “Futeneko” that was made to resemble Takahashi.

You’ll find both of these videos, as well as the cover and complete track list for “Kishikata Yukusue” just beneath the cut.

-’Kishikata Yukusue’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. Mr.Complex Man
  2. Kimi no Haikei
  3. Sakura no Uta
  4. Ashita wa Kitto Ii Hi ni Naru
  5. Kobamu Kimi no Te wo Nigiru
  6. Zou
  7. Kanashimi no Nai Basho
  8. Umareta Wake
  9. Iron Heart
  10. Cockroach
  11. Hikari no Hahen
  • DVD (All Lives from Akita CARAVAN MUSIC FES 2016 at Green Stadium Yokote; Limited Edition Only)
  1. Pioneer -Live-
  3. Taiyou to Hana -Live-
  4. Umareta Wake -Live-
  5. Hikari no Hahen -Live-
  6. BE RIGHT -Live-
  7. Genjitsu to Iu Na no Kaibutsu to Tatakau Monotachi -Live-
  8. Naguko wa Ine ga -Live-
  9. Ashita wa Kitto Ii Hi ni Naru -Live-
  10. Fuku Warai -Live-
  11. Akita Festival Entrance Clip “Yu Time ~Akita no Jikan”
  12. Hayashi Taku no Katsuyaku at Akita Festival

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