YU-A Announces New Album

On March 18, R&B singer YU-A is set to release her 4th solo studio album, “PURPLE.” The former Foxxi misQ member’s album will come in 2 editions. The limited edition will come with a 24-page special photobook that was done in collaboration with the Japanese edition of the fashion magazine NYLON. NYLON JAPAN is actually in charge of all the visuals for this album. The limited edition of “PURPLE” will also include a DVD with 2 music videos and 3 performances from a YU-A concert from this past November. The regular edition of the album will come with a bonus track. Ahead of the album’s release, YU-A has released a short music video for the track “Seishun Show.” This music video was shot on the Pacific island of Guam. Check out this music video as well as the album’s covers and tracklist after the jump!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition




2. I hate you

3. one love

4. 青春ショー (Seishun Show)

5. あなたは何も知らない (Anata wa Nani mo Shiranai)

6. フライドポテト (Fried Potato) (Regular Edition only)

7. 子犬ちゃん (Koinu-chan)


9. Have a good day

10. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ~君の瞳に恋してる~ (Can’t Take My Eyes Off You ~Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru~)

11. 最後でいい (Saigo de ii)

12. HAPPY?

13. DE!!SHO!!YA!! feat. A.F.R.O

14. 私のすべて (Watashi no Subete)




Limited Edition DVD

1. 青春ショー (Seishun Show) (Music Video)

2. フライドポテト (Fried Potato) (Music Video)

3. Little Girl (YU-ANISTA LIVE TOUR 2014-Winter-@Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE 11.23)

4. DNA (YU-ANISTA LIVE TOUR 2014-Winter-@Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE 11.23)

5. YU-ANISTA (YU-ANISTA LIVE TOUR 2014-Winter-@Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE 11.23)


Seishun Show: