Yoshida Yamada to release New Album “Yokubou” & publish PV for “Color”

Pop duo Yoshida Yamada will be releasing their sixth studio album “Yokubou” this week on October 31st.  Their first new record in nearly a year, “Yokubou” will include 11 new songs from the pair and be issued in three different versions:  a Regular CD-Only Edition which will include a bonus track; a Deluxe Edition which will come packaged with a DVD containing their music video for “Takaramono” and the special movie “Yoshida Yamada Yokobou wo Koete Yuke!”; and a Super Deluxe Edition which will include a Blu-ray disc containing footage from their May live at Osaka’s Namba Hatch, a photo booklet, and a “New Yoshida Yamada Staff” Long T-Shirt, all of which will be shipped in a special box.

To coincide with the album’s release, the group have chosen to upload the PV for its lead track “Color” to their YouTube channel.  This video centers around live footage from the pair’s “Yoshida Yamada Matsuri 2018” which took place back in August.

You’ll find the music video for “Color,” as well as the cover and complete track list for “Yokubou” below.

-’Yokubou’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Yokubou
  2. Color
  3. Haikei
  4. Fuyu no Seiza
  5. Niji no Suna
  6. Edelweiss
  7. Moyashi
  8. Binbou
  9. Moshi
  10. Akai Kubiwa
  11. Tsunagaru
  12. Nakiwarai (Regular Edition Only)
  • DVD (Deluxe Edition Only)
  1. Takaramono” Music Video
  2. Special Movie “Yoshida Yamada Yokobou wo Koete Yuke!”
  • Blu-ray (Super Deluxe Edition Only)
  1. Natsu no Pedal
  2. Machi
  3. Gomen, Yappa Suki Nanda.
  4. Takaramono
  5. Kasabuta
  6. Keshou
  7. Morito
  8. Lullaby
  9. Shikko
  10. Cassis Orange
  11. Kibou to Candy
  12. Mirai
  13. RAIN
  14. Bokura no Tame no Story
  15. Yakusoku no March
  16. Hibi
  17. Mahou no You na

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