YAMP KOLT Set to Release New Album

On March 18, producer Mai Fujinoya will be releasing his new album under his moniker YAMP KOLT. The album is titled “chewing” and it is his first album since 2011’s “yes.” The album will feature various vocalists, including frequent collaborators UA, Hitomitoi, and Etsuko Yakushimaru. Ahead of the album’s release, YAMP KOLT has release the music video for the album’s opening track, “Nahimi.” “Nahimi” features vocals by Tonchii. The music video features very vivid drawings of flowers in neon colors. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s cover and tracklist.


1. ナヒミ (feat. トンチ) (Nahimi (feat. Tonchii))
2. ひだまり (feat. HA~HA) (Hidamari (feat. HA~HA))
3. パラソルアンブレラ (feat. UA) (Parasol Umbrella (feat. UA))
4. 雨の日は (feat. hanchan) (Ame no Hi wa (feat. hanchan))
5. Kiss & Gold (feat. 一十三十一) (Kiss & Gold (feat. Hitomitoi))
6. トリック・コリアンダー (feat. さや) (Trick  Coriander (feat. Saya))
7. phantom ship (縁日ヴァージョン) (feat. UA) (phantom ship (Ennichi Version) (feat. UA))
8. おひさまは太陽 (火山島ヴァージョン) (feat. やくしまるえつこ) (Ohisama wa Taiyou (Kazan to Version) (feat. Etsuko Yakushimaru))
9. She’s My Baby (バンドヴァージョン) (feat. 一十三十一) (She’s My Baby (Band Version) (feat. Hitomitoi))
10. 月の木かげで鳴くでしょう (feat. こやまよしこ) (Tsuki no Kokage de Naku Deshou (feat. Koyama Yoshiko))
11. sleep too tight (feat. さや) (sleep too tight (feat. Saya))
12. 言葉ならいらない (feat. UA) (Kotoba nara Iranai (feat. UA))


Nahimi (feat. Tonchii)