whiteeeen to Release First Album

After two years since their formation, vocal group whiteeeen, will be releasing their first album!  Zero Koi will include their singles “Ai-uta ~ since 2007 ~“, ” Kiseki ~ mirai e ~” and “pocketto“. Since the girls are known for being a female cover group of GReeeeN, you can expect to hear more covers of the group’s songs; like “Hoshi no Furu Yoru Ni “. Another thing to look forward to is an original song, written by whiteeeen, called “▽ no maho” (the triangle means heart). Continue on for more details.


Regular and Special Edition CD

  1. Zero Koi
  2. Hanbunko (Zerokoi ver. )
  3. Kun omoi
  4. Ai-uta ~ since 2007 ~
  5. Merodī
  6. Koi no Tenkiyohou (zerokoi ver. )
  7. Anogoro ~ jinjinbaodjuonī ~(zerokoi ver. )
  8. Hoshi no Furu Yoru Ni
  9. ▽ No Mahō
  10. Poketto
  11. Kiseki ~ mirai e ~
  12. Ai-uta ~ since 2007 ~(Chirstmas Ver.) [Special Edition Only]


Zero Koi will be released December 14th.

Via Natalie