UNCHAIN to Release New Album in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Their Formation

This year marks 20 years since UNCHAIN was formed in Kyoto. As part of this anniversary, the band will release a new album, “with time”, on March 2. The album will be released in 1 CD+DVD edition. UNCHAIN recently released the music video for “a prayer”, the album’s third track. Check it out after the jump, along with more information on the album!

1. with time(intro)
2. get down
3. a prayer
4. beautiful girl
5. Mr.Wi-Fi
6. baby baby
7. Inside-out
8. “inpei”
9. 人は一人でも独りじゃない (Hito wa Hitori Demo Hitori Janai)
10. 2 late 2 luv
11. stay here
12. with time(outro)

1. a prayer (Music Video)
2. a prayer (Making of Music Video)