Two Children Dream of Space in PV for MISIA’s “Orphans no Namida”

On November 25, MISIA will release her new single, “Orphans no Namida.” The song serves as the ending theme for the TBS anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.” Today, MISIA released the music video for the song. In the clip, 2 children read a book about space and then dream about going on an adventure to space. MISIA also recently released a live short video of her performing “Orphans no Namida.” Check out both videos after the jump, along with the single’s covers and tracklist!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition

1. オルフェンズの涙 (Orphans no Namida)
2. 花 (Hana)
3. EDGE OF THIS WORLD “Gomi’s Feature House Remix”




Short live PV