Bed In Transform from Office Ladies into 90s Party Girls in PV for “C Chou Venus!”

On November 25, Bed In will release their new single, “C Chou Venus! / ZIG ZAG Heartbreak.” The 90s loving duo recently released the music video for the single’s first A-side. In the clip, the ladies of Bed In play office ladies. But once work is over, they change their looks and venture off into the night looking like party girls from Japan’s bubble economy era. Along the way, they transform some of their admirers and they join in on the fun. There’s also some weird guy who really likes flicking his tongue. Check it out after the jump along with more details on the single!

1. C調び~なす! (C Chou Venus!)
2. ZIG ZAG ハートブレイク (ZIG ZAG Heartbreak)
3. C調び~なす! (C Chou Venus!) (Karaoke)
4. ZIG ZAG ハートブレイク (ZIG ZAG Heartbreak) (Karaoke)