tricot to Release New Single and Album

All-girl band tricot have 2 releases coming up over the next 2 months. The first one is their new single, “E.” “E” will be released on February 18. On the 18th of the following month, the band will release their album “AND.” The album will have 12 tracks, including the singles “Break” and “E.” The band hasn’t had a permanent drummer since Kazutaka Komaki left the band last year. To fill the void, several different drummers will be working on the album, including Hata Toshiki (formerly of Tokyo Jihen) and Wakiyama Kosuke (tabaccojuice). Check out the covers and tracklists for these releases as well as a clip of “E” after the jump!


1.  E

2. ぱい~ん (Pain~n)

3. ダイバー (Diver)





Limited Edition

tricot「A N D」初回限定盤ジャケット


Regular Edition

tricot「A N D」通常盤ジャケット


1. Noradrenaline

2. 走れ (Hashire)

3. E

4. 色の無い水槽 (Iro no nai Suiso)

5. 神戸ナンバー (Kobe Number)

6. 消える (Kieru)

7. ぱい~ん AND ver. (Pai~n AND ver.)

8. 食卓 (Shokutaku)

9. 庭 (Niwa)

10. CBG

11. QFF

12. Break


Limited Edition CD

1. 御尻爆弾 (by 期待外れにも程GIRL) (Go Shiri Bakudan (by Kitai Hazure ni mo Hodo GIRL))