Touyama Mirei to Release New Album Composed of Answer Songs

On August 29, Touyama Mirei will release her new album, “Answer.” As the title suggests, the album is composed of answer songs. On the album, Mirei responds to songs such as Dohzi-T’s “Negai”, Shota Shimizu’s “My Boo”, Aqua Timez’s “Toushindai no Love Song”, KREVA’s “Neiro”, and UVERworld’s “Kimi no Suki na Uta” from a female perspective.

In addition to the answer songs, there are also original songs on the album. The album’s title track is one of them, as in the song “Tiger”, which Mirei worked in Finland with local musicians.

Mirei recently released the music video for her KREVA answer song, “Neiro Regards.” Check it out below, along with more information on her new album!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition


1. Dear My Boo
2. P.S. 等身大のラブソング (P.S. Toushindai no Love Song)
3. 光 (Hikari)
4. Lie
5. Tiger
6. 君のとなり (Kimi no Tonari)
7. 音色 Regards (Neiro Regards)
8. 願い ~あの頃のキミへ~ (Negai ~Ano Koro no Kimi e~)
9. Missing You
10. キミの好きなうた (Kimi no Suki na Uta)
11. The Answer

Limited Edition DVD
1. 君のとなり -Music Video- (Kimi no Tonari -Music Video-)
2. 願い ~あの頃のキミへ~ -Music Video- (Negai ~Ano Koro no Kimi e~ -Music Video-)
3. Missing You -Music Video-
4. Dear My Boo -Music Video-



Neiro Regards


Dear My Boo


P.S. Toushindai no Love Song


Kimi no Tonari


Negai ~Ano Koro no Kimi e~


Missing You