Tomomi Itano’s Album ‘S×W×A×G’ Tracklist Revealed

A month ago Tomomi Itano (22) revealed the title of her 1st solo album, ‘S×W×A×G’. With a name like that you know the album is going to be and popping. True to it’s word, it doesn’t live down to expectations with tracks like ‘SWAGGALICIOUS’ and ‘BOW WOW’. The album will also include previously release singles from ‘Dear J’ to ‘little’.

The album will come in three editions: limited edition, regular edition and a special edition in collaboration with the brand Samantha Vega. The limited edition comes with a DVD while the Samantha Vega version is limited to Kings Records’ KING e-SHOP. The album will drop on July 2nd.

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Itano will be doing a series of events in promotion of the album. These come in the form of handshake and live events, a live tour and a special Tomomi Itano x Samantha Vega event. Let’s hope that the this album does well on the charts, especially when going against some big acts.

Check out the tracklist below!

Limited Edition + Regular Edition


  1. Dear J
  2. 1%
  3. Wanna be now
  4. Ai ni Pierce
  5. Clone
  6. Fui ni
  7. For you, For me
  8. 10nen go no kimi e
  9. lose-lose
  10. little
  11. Girls Do
  13. BOW WOW
  14. JAN-PARAN!!
  15. Crush

DVD (Limited Edition Only)

  1. Crush (Music Video)
  2. Crush (Making Clip)

Samantha Vega Edition


  1. Dear J
  2. 1%
  3. Ai ni Pierce
  4. Fui ni
  5. For you, For me
  6. 10nen go no kimi e
  7. Girls Do
  9. JAN-PARAN!!
  10. Crush