Tomohisa Yamashita Releases English-Language Song “Forever in My Heart”

On June 17, Tomohisa Yamashita will release a new digital single, “Forever in My Heart.” The song is a tie-in song for the jewelry brand Bulgari, which he serves as an ambassador for. The love song, which he co-wrote, has the message of “I want to cherish the moment when I communicate with someone.”

The music video for “Forever in My Heart” was shot in Tokyo’s Bulgari Ginza Tower. The store is Bulgari’s largest in the world. In the video, Tomohisa sings of his love, and then proposes to his girlfriend with a Bulgari ring. Check out the video below!

In related news, Netflix has canceled production of the film “Koi ni Ochita Ie”, a starring role for Tomohisa, due to creative differences on the production side. On the bright side, he will appear in the second season of the streaming service’s series “Alice in Borderland”, out in December.

山下智久「Forever in My Heart」配信ジャケット

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