Tomita Lab Previews His Songs with KOM_I of Suiyoubi no Campanella and Kido Akiko of CICADA

On November 30, Tomita Lab will release his new album, “SUPERFINE.” As with his other albums, “SUPERFINE” features many collaborations. The lineup for this album includes the likes of Maaya Sakamoto, Takagi Shohei of cero, YONCE of Suchmos, Fujiwara Sakura, Avec Avec, and more.

On October 21, two songs from the album will be released digitally as well as on a 7 inch vinyl single, which will be released in a special edition of 500 copies. Those two songs are “Tomita Sakana Ten” featuring KOM_I of Suiyoubi no Campanella and “Kodo” featuring Kido Akiko of CICADA. Previews of the recording of the songs were released today on YouTube, and they can be seen below!

Tomita Sakana Ten / Kodo


Tomita Sakana Ten