Arashi releases “Don’t You Get It?” song preview and “Are You Happy?” album details

The tracklist details and covers for Arashi’s upcoming album “Are You Happy?” are out! You can now also listen to a preview of the album’s lead song titled “Don’t You Get It?”. The album is set to be released on October 26.

After the high concepts of Love, Digitalian and Japonism, this time the group starts from the basic universal joy of listening to music and presenting songs that make the listener feel happy. Hence, the fitting album covers. In addition to their solo songs, each of the members were in charge of original Arashi songs using the “Happy” theme.

Does this make you happy?


“Are You Happy?” TRACKLIST


[First-run limited edition]
☆80-page lyrics photo booklet included special packaging specs

※under the supervision of Jun M.
Lyrics: Macoto56/Music & arrangement: Jeremy Hammond

2. I seek
Lyrics: ASIL/Music: AKJ & ASIL/Arrangement: 石塚知生

3.Ups and Downs
Lyrics: 市川喜康/Music: Joe Lawrence & Trevor Ingram/Arrangement: pieni tonttu

4. Seishun Buki
※under the supervision of Masaki A.
Lyrics: paddy/Music: Soul-273/Arrangement: ha-j

5. Sunshine
※Sho Sakurai solo
Lyrics: kosuke, AKIRA/Rap lyrics: Sho Sakurai/Music: Tommy Clint/Arrangement: 石塚知生

6. Fukkatsu LOVE
Lyrics: 竹内まりや/Music & arrangement: 山下達郎

7. Amore
※Masaki Aiba solo
Lyrics/Music/Arrangement: eltvo

8. Bad boy
※Satoshi Ohno solo
Lyrics & Music & Arrangement: HARAJUKU KIDZ

※under the supervision of Kazunari N.
Lyrics: KOU&/Music & Arrangement: Erik Lidbom, Jon Hallgren

10. Mata Kyo to Onaji hi ga Kuru
※Kazunari Ninomiya solo
Lyrics: Kazunari Ninomiya, Fox.i.e/Music: Fox.i.e/Arrangement: Fox.i.e, A-bee

11. Daylight
Lyrics: stereograph/Rap lyrics: Sho Sakurai/Music: Simon Janlov, wonder note/Arrangement: 佐々木博史

12. Ai o Sakebe
Lyrics & Music: 100+/Arrangement: 100+, 佐々木博史

13. Baby blue
※Jun Matsumoto solo
Lyrics & Music: 100+/Arrangement: 佐々木博史

14. Miles away
※under the supervision of Satoshi O.
Lyrics: 100+/Music: R.P.P./Arrangement: metropolitan digital clique

15. To my homies
※under the supervision of Sho S.
Lyrics:BASI/Rap Lyrics: Sho Sakurai/Music & Arrangement: 韻シスト

16. Don’t You Get It
Lyrics: KOU&/Music: Didrik Thott, Christian Fast, Henrik Nordenback/Arrangement: 吉岡たく, 佐々木博史

“Don’t You Get It” music video +making-of


[Regular edition]
☆36-page lyrics booklet enclosed

※Same tracks as the first-run limited edition

<Bonus Track>
Lyrics: HARAJUKU KIDZ/Rap Lyrics: Sho Sakurai/Music: Kevin Charge, AndreasOberg, HARAJUKU KIDZ/Arrangement: metropolitan digital clique

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