TOKYO HEALTH CLUB Deceives a Salaryman in “Tenjiku” PV

Rap group TOKYO HEALTH CLUB will release their new album, “VIBRATION”, on June 8. The album will feature collaborations with ZOMBIE-CHANG and MCpero.

TOKYO HEALTH CLUB recently released the music video for a song off “VIBRATION”, “Tenjiku.” The video for the laid back track is set in the desert and features a distressed salaryman. He originally saw a coupon for a sex service called “TOKYO HEALTH CLUB” in a tabloid while at a bar. He then finds himself looking for said sex service in the desert while accompanied by the members of the group, not knowing that the group shares the same name as something that would normally be the name of a sex service. Check out the video below, along with more information on the album!

1. ON -飛んでくLOVE- (ON -Tonde Ku LOVE-)
2. Vibration 弱 (Vibration Jaku)
3. ASA
4.  天竺 (Tenjiku)
5. オシャレ feat. MCpero (Oshare feat. MCpero)
6. 悪魔 (Akuma)
7. 休日はHoliday (Kyujitsu wa Holiday)
9. Last Summer
10. ミューージック (Music)
11. OFF -名盤ができた- (OFF -Meiban ga Dekita-)
12. ズラカル feat. MACKA-CHIN (YONIGE ver.) (Zurakaru feat. MACKA-CHIN (YONIGE ver.))