Toki Asako Releases Perfume Cover Video

On July 29, jazz pop singer Toki Asako will release her new album, “Bittersweet.” This is her first studio album since 2013’s “HEARTBREAKIN’.” The theme of “Bittersweet” is that of a busy woman living in city who’s also in love. “Bittersweet” looks to be the soundtrack to her life. Asako brought in Jane Su as the concept producer for this album. Jane also co-wrote the album’s opening track, “C’est La Vie ~Onna wa Ai ni Isogashii~”, with Asako. Asako was in charge of the rest of the album’s lyrics. “Bittersweet” was largely composed and arranged by Watanabe Shunsuke of post-jazz band Schroeder-Headz. “Bittersweet” also sees input from Tomi Yo, Hashiguchi Nanome, and Kawaguchi Daisuke. Asako was also in charge of the albums covers, seeing as how they are self portraits that she created by using the camera’s remote shutter release feature.

“Bittersweet” comes in 2 editions: a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD only Regular Edition. The DVD that comes with the Limited Edition features footage from Asako’s 2014 Valentine’s Day show with Schroeder-Headz at Tokyo Cinema Club. At this show, Asako performed several of her own songs, but also did some covers by acts such as DE DE MOUSE and Perfume. She recently released a clip of her performing her cover of Perfume’s “Chocolate Disco.” That video can be seen after the jump! There you’ll also find the album’s covers and tracklist, plus another clip from the DVD!

CD+DVD Limited Edition


CD only Regular Edition

1. セ・ラ・ヴィ ~女は愛に忙しい~ (C’est La Vie ~Onna wa Ai ni Isogashii~)
2. BOYフロム世田谷 (BOY from Setagaya)
3. さよなら90s Girl (Sayonara 90s Girl)
5. ラブソング (Love Song)
6. Beautiful Day
7. 夏の横顔 (Natsu no Yokogao)
8. Kung Fu Girl
9. 愛のでたらめ (Ai no Detarame)
10. Don’t let it go
11. きみだった (Kimi Datta)
12. 地下鉄のシンデレラ (Chikatetsu no Cinderella)

Limited Edition DVD
2014/2/14 “Toki Asako meets Schroeder-Headz” One Man Live at Tokyo Cinema Club
1. baby’s star jam (Original: DE DE MOUSE)
2. トーキョー・ドライブ (Tokyo Drive)
3. ロマンチック (Romantic)
4. heartbreak
5. 僕は愛を語れない (Boku wa Ai wo Katarenai)
6. How Beautiful
7. 都会 (Tokai) (Original: Onuki Taeko)
8. おてもやん (Otemoyan) (Original: Kumamoto Minyou)
9. 杏仁ガール (Anni Girl) ~Far Eastern Tale~
10. チョコレイト・ディスコ (Chocolate Disco) (Original: Perfume)
11. Flamingo
12. Girls (You are so special)
13. ピンク・シャドウ (Pink Shadow) (Original: Bread & Butter)


Anni Girl ~Far Eastern Tale~


Chocolate Disco