Sakanaction Releases PV for “years”

On August 5, Sakanaction is set to release the concept album Natsukashii Tsuki wa Atarashii Tsuki ~Coupling & Remix works~. The album is composed of B-sides / unreleased material and remixes. A partial tracklist was previously available, and now the full one is available.

The 4 previously unknown songs on the first CD, the coupling and unreleased CD, include a 2006 version of “GO TO THE FUTURE” (made when the band was composed only of frontman Ichiro Yamaguchi and guitarist Motoharu Iwadera) and 3 remixes of older songs done by different band members. “Nightfishing Is Good” is being remixed by Motoharu, “Music” by drummer Keiichi Ejima, and “Identity” by bassist Ami Kusakari.

Details on the previously unknown 3 tracks on the second CD, the remix CD, have now been revealed. It will feature a new remix of “Sayonara wa Emotion” by Qrion, and a new remix of “Yoru no Odoriko” by agraph. It will also feature the NEXT WORLD REMIX of “Goodbye.” This version of the song was performed by Sakanaction on the January 3 episode of NHK’s “NEXT WORLD Watashitachi no Mirai.”

There are also more details about the DVD / Blu-ray that comes with the Limited Editions. In the documentary about the 2006 version of “GO TO THE FUTURE”, Ichiro and Motoharu go back to the live house where they recorded this version of the song and recreate it. There’s also a binaural recording of it. Music videos for “years”, “Slow Motion”, “Holy Dance”, and “Eureka (minimal demo)” are also included on these discs. Ichiro directed the music video for “Holy Dance”, a first for him.

Today, the band released the music video for “years.” This song was originally the B-side on the band’s 2011 single “‘Bach no Senritsu wo Yoru ni Kiita Sei Desu.'” The song deals with the anxieties faced by people after the events of March 11, 2011. The music video for the song combines the sentiments expressed in the song with the scenery of today’s Tokyo. Check it out after the jump along with the album’s tracklist!

Tsuki no Hakei ~Coupling & Unreleased works~ (CD1)
1. ホーリーダンス (Holy Dance)
2. Ame(A)
3. multiple exposure
4. years
5. 映画 (コンテ 2012/11/16 17/24) (Eiga (Conte 2012/11/16 17:24))
6. スローモーション (Slow Motion)
7. もどかしい日々 (Modokashii Hibi)
8. スプーンと汗 (Spoon to Ase)
9. ネプトゥーヌス (Neptunes)
10. montage
11. ナイトフィッシングイズグッド (Nightfishing Is Good) (Iw_Remix)
12. ミュージック (Music) (Ej_Remix)
13. アイデンティティ (Identity) (Ks_Remix)
14. GO TO THE FUTURE (2006 ver.)

Tsuki no Henyo ~Remix works~ (CD2)
1. グッドバイ (Goodbye) (NEXT WORLD REMIX)
2. Ame(B) -SAKANATRIBE x ATM version-
3. ルーキー (Rookie) Takkyu Ishino Remix
4. 三日月サンセット (Mikazuki Sunset) (FPM EVERLUST MIX)
5. ライトダンス (Light Dance) YSST Remix 2015 (Remixed by Yoshinori Sunahara)
6. 映画 (Eiga) (AOKI takamasa Remix)
7. サンプル (Sample) (cosmic version)
8. さよならはエモーション (Sayonara wa Emotion) (Qrion Remix)
9. YES NO (AOKI takamasa Remix)
10. 夜の踊り子 (Yoru no Odoriko) (agraph Remix)
11. ミュージック (Music) (Cornelius Remix)
12. ネイティブダンサー (Native Dancer) (rei harakami へっぽこ (Heppoko) re-arrange)

Limited Edition DVD / Blu-ray
Tsuki no Keshiki ~Documentary of “GO TO THE FUTURE (2006 ver.)” & MUSIC VIDEOS~
・Documentary of “GO TO THE FUTURE (2006 ver.)” EXTRA
・”GO TO THE FUTURE (2006 ver.)” binaural recording
・years (MUSIC VIDEO)
・スローモーション (Slow Motion) (MUSIC VIDEO)
・ホーリーダンス (Holy Dance) (MUSIC VIDEO)
・ユリイカ (Eureka) (minimal demo)(MUSIC VIDEO)




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