Toki Asako to Release New Best Album

On July 26, Toki Asako will release her new best album, “HIGHLIGHT -The Very Best of Toki Asako-.” For this album, Asako picked 13 songs, mainly from her albums “HEARTBREAKIN'” (2013), “BITTERSWEET” (2015), and “PINK” (this past January). There are two new songs on the album, the opener “STRIPE” and the closer “FANTASY.” Both songs were written by Asako and composed and arranged by Tomi Yo, who worked with Toki on her recent album “PINK.”

“HIGHLIGHT -The Very Best of Toki Asako” is described as an album that will make you happy, want to dance, and fall in love. It’s the perfect album for summer! Asako said that since she is an adult, she can’t dance carelessly, but she hopes that listeners will. Check out the album’s cover, tracklist, and video trailer below!

2. Fancy Time
3. 乱反射ガール (Ranhansha Girl)
4. Gift ~あなたはマドンナ~ (Gift ~Anata wa Madonna~)
5. 熱砂の女 (Nessa no Onna)
6. smilin’
7. Rendez-vous in ’58
8. セ・ラ・ヴィ ~女は愛に忙しい~ (C’est La Vie ~Onna wa Ai ni Isogashii~)
9. 僕は愛を語れない (Boku wa Ai wo Katarenai)
10. Beautiful Day
11. トーキョー・ドライブ (Tokyo Drive)
12. BOYフロム世田谷 (BOY from Setagaya)
13. Rain Dancer
14. PINK



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