tofubeats to Release Remix Album

Last October, tofubeats released his major label debut album “First Album.” The album featured collaborations with the likes of BONNIE PINK, Chisato Moritaka, Hitomi Arai of Tokyo Girls’ Style, and Noko of Shinsei Kamattechan. This album is now set to be revisited via the remix album “First Album Remixes.” This remix album will be released on iTunes on January 28 and on vinyl on March 14. This album will feature remixes by the likes of banvox, PARKGOLF, Yoshinori Sunahara, and tofubeats himself. Check out the cover and tracklist after the jump!

tofubeats「First Album Remixes」ジャケット



tofubeats「First Album Remixes」参加アーティスト


1. Don’t Stop The Music feat. 森高千里 (Chisato Moritaka) – Yoshinori Sunahara Remix
2. populuxe – RAMZA Remix
3. Come On Honey! feat. 新井ひとみ (東京女子流) [Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style)] – spazzkid Remix
4. 朝が来るまで終わることのないダンスを (Asa ga Kuru Made Owaru Koto no nai Dance wo) – banvox Remix
5. CAND¥¥¥LAND feat. LIZ – Pa’s Lam System Remix
6. おしえて検索 (Oshiete Kenskau) feat. の子 (神聖かまってちゃん) [Noko (Shinsei Kamattechan)] – PARKGOLF Remix
7. 衣替え (Koromogae) feat. BONNIE PINK – tofubeats Remix
8. 衣替え (Koromogae) feat. BONNIE PINK – John Gastro & tofubeats 1960s Remix (iTunes bonus track)