tofubeats to Release His First Film Soundtrack

On March 6, tofubeats will release the soundtrack he created for the film “Netemo Sametemo.” This is his first time being in charge of a movie soundtrack. His song “RIVER” served as the theme song for “Netemo Sametemo” and is included on the soundtrack. This release conincides with the film’s release on DVD and Blu-ray. The soundtrack is only available digitally and via streaming. Check out more information about this release below!

  1. netemo sametemo
  2. netemo sametemo(short mix)
  3. futari
  4. futari(short mix)
  5. after the rain
  6. jintan
  7. intan(2nd mix)
  8. dream
  9. epoch card
  10. in the club
  11. the sweet love song
  12. RIVER