THE NOVEMBERS Release Dual Videos for “Kirei na Umi e”

On October 7, THE NOVEMBERS will release their 5th EP, “Elegance.” This is the band’s first release since their album “Rhapsody in beauty” in October 2014. Today, THE NOVEMBERS released 2 music videos for their EP’s 3rd track, “Kirei na Umi e.” One is named “Father side”, while the other is named “Mother side.” When the 2 videos are played on 2 smartphones next to each other, they form a single image. The band also released another song from the EP, “Emerald”, on SoundCloud today. Check out this content after the jump along with the cover and tracklist for “Elegance!”

1. クララ (Kurara )
2. 心一つ持ちきれないまま (Kokoro Hitotsu Mochikirenai Mama)
3. きれいな海へ (Kirei na Umi e)
4. 裸のミンク (Hadaka no Mink)
5. エメラルド (Emerald)
6. 出る傷を探す血 (Deru Kizu wo Sagasu Chi)


Kirei na Umi e (Father side)


Kirei na Umi e (Mother side)


Image of when videos are played on 2 smartphones side by side