the dresscodes unveil all of the details about their upcoming Concept Album

Earlier this year rock outfit the dresscodes, better known as the solo project of singer Ryohei Shima, announced that it would be releasing a special concept album on March 1st.  Now that the date of its release has drawn closer, all of the details about this album, titled “Heibon”, have been revealed.

“Heibon” is a record based around the ideas of “normalcy” and “mediocrity” and will consist of 12 songs which Shima feels best exemplify these values.  The album will be released in two different versions, both of which come packaged with DVDs:  the Type A release will include footage from the dresscodes’ Christmas Eve live, while the Type B (Regular Edition) release will come with the Music Videos for “Ningen Video” and one of the album’s new tracks.

You’ll find both the cover and complete track list for the dresscodes’ upcoming concept release right after the jump.

-’Heibon’ Track List-


  • CD
  1. common Shiki
  2. Heibon Anti
  3. Minority no Kamisama
  4. Jinmin Dance
  5. towaie
  6. Stranger
  7. Egosearch and Destroy
  8. Kiritsu / Kunren
  9. Seibutsu
  10. 20 Seiki (Sayonara Freedom)
  11. Art vs Design
  12. Ningen Video (Bonus Track)
  • DVD A (Type A Only)
  1. Opening (Silent Night)~Jokyoku (Fuyu no Asa)
  2. Koisuru Rodeo
  3. Lily
  4. Shin Trash
  5. Dandelion
  6. An Happy End
  7. Zeitaku to Humor
  8. Mina-san, Sayounara
  9. Gengaku Yonjuu Soukyoku Daikyuuban Hochouchou “Tokyo”
  10. common Shiki
  11. Egosearch and Destroy
  12. Sleigh Ride
  13. Jingle Bells
  14. Ai no Theme
  15. Christmas Greeting

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