the dresscodes Release Covers And Tracklist For His New Album

As previously reported, the dresscodes (now the solo project of frontman Ryohei Shima) is set to release his new album “1” on December 10. He has now released the covers and tracklist for the album. If you get the album from Tower Records, it comes with a 2-track CD featuring acoustic versions of 2 of the album’s songs. If you pre-order from Tower Records before November 11, you also get an “entry card”. The card is signed by Ryohei and comes with a serial number. The benefits of this card have yet to be announced. If you get the album from HMV, you also get a audio commentary CD. Check out the covers and tracklists after the jump!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition



1. 復活の日 (Fukkatsu no Hi)
2. スーパー、スーパーサッド (Super, Super Sad)
3. Lily
4. この悪魔め (Kono Akuma-me)
5. ルソー論 (Rousseau-ron)
6. アニメみたいな (Anime Mitai na)
7. みずいろ (Mizuiro)
8. 才能なんかいらない (Sainou Nanka Iranai)
9. もうがまんはやだ (Mou Gaman wa Yada)
10. 妄想でバンドをやる (Band in my own head) (Mosou de Band wo Yaru (Band in my own head))
11. あん・はっぴいえんど (An Happy End)
12. Reprise
13. 愛に気をつけてね (Ai ni Kiwotsukete ne)

Limited Edition DVD
1. スーパー、スーパーサッド (Super, Super Sad) (MUSIC VIDEO)
2. ワン・マイナス・ワン (One Minus One) (DOCUMENTARY VIDEO)


Tower Records Bonus CD

Dress cause "1" Tower Records purchase bonus Benefits of CD jacket

1. スーパー、スーパーサッド (Super, Super Sad) (Acoustic Ver.)

2. アニメみたいな (Anime Mitai na) (Acoustic Ver.)


Tower Records “Entry Card”

Dress cause "1" of the Tower Records reservation privilege "the dresscodes

KokorozashiMigaku Ryohei

"The dresscodes

"The dresscodes



HMV Bonus CD

Dress cause "1" HMV purchase bonus CD jacket

1. Audio Commentary