Tatsuro Yamashita tugs at the heartstrings in his Music Video for “REBORN”

Last month we reported that popular singer/songwriter Tatsuro Yamashita would be releasing his 50th single, titled “REBORN”, on September 13th.  Now that this date has drawn closer, the short version of the title track’s music video has been published to his label’s Youtube channel.

The PV for “REBORN” was directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, who is also the director behind “Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki”, the film for which the track will serve as the theme song.  This video stars young actress Mugi Kadowaki (whom also appears in the film) and focuses on the story of a girl whom is attempting to live her life in a way which honors the memory of her deceased father.  In addition, a music video featuring Mugi performing the song as her character “Seri” has also been uploaded to Youtube.

Read on below to find both PVs, as well as the cover and track list for “REBORN”.

-’REBORN’ Track List-

  2. REBORN -Vocals by Seri (Mugi Kadowaki)-
  3. REBORN (Harmonica Version)
  4. Turner no Kikansha -Turner’s Steamroller- (Live Version)
  5. DRIP DROP (Live Version)
  6. REBORN (Original Karaoke)
  7. REBORN (Seri Version Original Karaoke)

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