TAMTAM announces new album

Only 5 months of their major debut, 5-member band TAMTAM is set to release their 1st full album ‘Strange Tomorrow.’

The album will be comprised of 13 songs, including previous singles like ‘Babel’ and ‘Enter Key.’ A concept album of sorts, it questions what has become of our universe from 4000 years in the future.

In early July, they uploaded a video to YouTube displaying their creative process and early stages of new songs.

‘Strange Tomorrow’ Tracklist

  1. Babel
  2. Enter key
  3. Neuron Dancer
  4. Perfect Weather Report
  5. Interlude -untranslated region-
  6. Eden
  7. Spica
  8. Nothing But A Girl
  9. Sabon
  10. Tokyo Counterpoint
  11. Sanagi 831
  12. Enjoy hour free time
  13. Fanfare

‘Strange Tomorrow’ is released September 17th.