Tamaki ROY Releases First New Album in Over 3 Years

On November 25, Tamaki ROY will release his new album, “Anyways.” This is his first album since June 2017’s “Nagi.” The album is an entirely self-produced work, with all lyrics and music by Tamaki ROY.

Since August, Tamaki ROY has released a series of digital singles: “Protect You”, “Noh”, “Flowers”, “Izumi-Chuo Eki”, and “Rothko.” All five of these digital singles will appear on “Anyways.” The music videos for these digital singles are all posted below.

In addition, Tamaki ROY has created a playlist on Apple Music and Spotify of music that he’s been enjoying recently, titled “in any case.” He regularly updated this playlist. Check it out below, along with more information on his new album!



1. Protect You
2. Song
3. Fidget
4. 能 (Noh)
5. life
6. tendency
7. 泉中央駅 (Izumi-Chuo Eki)
8. I know
9. on the park
10. Remind
11. Flowers
12. はじまりを知る (Hajimari wo Shiru)
13. Rothko
14. 憧れ (Akogare)

in any case

環ROYプレイリスト「in any case」カバー

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