KANDYTOWN’s Ryohu Releases Major Debut Album

Ryohu of KANDYTOWN recently signed to Victor Entertainment’s SPEEDSTAR RECORDS. On November 25, he will release his major debut album, fittingly titled “DEBUT.”

The album will include his major debut digital single, “The Moment”, which was produced by Tomita Keiichi (Tomita Lab). It will also feature collaborations with TENDRE, AAAMYYY, starRo, Giorgio Blaise Givvn, and WONK‘s Arata Hikaru.

“DEBUT” will be released in a 2CD limited edition and a CD only regular edition. The second CD of the limited edition is an EP titled “Collage.” Each of the three songs on the EP samples a song from SPEEDSTAR RECORDS’s discography. “Flower” samples Quruli‘s “Bara no Hana”, “Thread” samples LOVE PSYCHEDELICO‘s “LADY MADONNA ~Yuuutsu Naru Spider~”, and “Cloud” samples FLYING KIDS‘ “Shiawase de Aru You ni.”

Check out more information on this release below!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



  1. The Moment
  2. GMC
  3. Heartstrings
  4. You
  5. Tatan’s Rhapsody
  6. Somebody Loves You
  7. No Matter What
  8. Foolish
  9. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone
  10. True North
  11. Level Up
  12. Eternal
  13. Rose Life

Limited Edition CD2 “Collage”

  1. Flower
  2. Thread
  3. Cloud

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