Superfly reveals more details about her upcoming album “WHITE”

As we reported previously, popular singer/songwriter Superfly will be releasing her fifth full album “WHITE” on May 27th.  Now that the release date has drawn a bit closer, she has chosen to publish just a bit more information about the release, including a preview of one of its new songs “A HA HA”.

“A HA HA” is Superfly’s second collaboration with Australian rocker Chris Cester after “i spy i spy” (released under the name SuperflyxJET) and was produced in Hollywood by Jason Hill of US-based rock band Louis XIV.  This is not the only collaboration which Superfly will be taking part in on “WHITE”, which among its 14 tracks will also include songs worked on by American singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee, Nakada Yuji, Tomoya S. (of Heavenstamp), BONNIE PINK, and poet Sugawara Bin.

Another of the new songs on the album, titled “Beautiful”, has been picked up as the theme song for the TBS drama “Mother Game ~Kanojotachi no Kaikyuu~”, which will start airing on April 14th.  “Beautiful” has been described as a speedy track best characterized by its melancholic guitar riffs and soaring strings, the song’s contrasting textures a perfect fit for the drama.

Read on below for a look at the cover for “WHITE”, as well as the snippet of “A HA HA” mentioned earlier.  As always, please continue to look forward to the album’s release.

(via natalie & natalie)