Suiyoubi no Campanella to reveal new song “Tsuchinoko” on June 1st

Suiyoubi no Campanella‘s “UMA” is coming in less than a month and information about this new album is already being revealed! Last week we got to see its cover, and now the band has confirmed the title of one of their new songs: “Tsuchinoko”. Keep reading about the announcement just after the jump!

Tsuchinokos are Japanese mythological creatures which resemble snakes, though their bodies are wider. They are also said to tell lies and confuse those who encounter them, but giving them alcohol would satisfy them and avoid their mischievous behaviour. The song will be aired on June 1st on J-WAVE‘s “SPARK” radio programme. But that’s not all, as two new artist pictures have been revealed! One of them is the header image of this post, while the other one, a close-up of KOM_I‘s face, is just right here!

suiyoubi no campanella uma promo 2

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