(((Sssurrounddd))) to Release Their First Album in Over 7 Years

On August 10, (((Sssurrounddd))) will release their new album, “After Hours.” This is the group’s first album since March 2015’s “See you, Blue.” They resumed activities last year with the release of “Soap Opera EP.” The nine-song album will be entirely in English.

After the release of “After Hours”, (((Sssurrounddd))) will be active as a producer team.

Check out more information on their new album below!

(((さらうんど)))「After Hours」配信ジャケット
  1. After Life
  2. Magical Blink
  3. Drive Me Crazy
  4. A Wish
  5. Tell Me
  6. How
  7. Can You Feel Me
  8. Lost And Found
  9. The Moment