Sora tob sakana’s MV for “ribbon” is an impressive, little piece of art

Math Rock/Idol unit sora tob sakana, one of the most acclaimed acts in the niche formed and produced by Terui Yoshimasa (haisuinonasa), just released a new Music Video for “ribbon“. The track is the opener of the unit’s new record “Cocoon EP“, set to be released tomorrow in all Japanese stores.

Well known among fans for its complex compositions and fresh art direction, it’s safe to say sora tob sakana reached an even higher peak with this new video, as the music and visuals perfectly merge together to create a powerful artistic output. The track is a Math Rock number that sticks to the classic formula of syncopated rhythms backed up by fast melodies, but it leads to a broader soundscape in the chorus and and bridge sections, where the voices of the girls give an excellent boost in terms of atmosphere. The video is completely animated, and it shows the tale of a rabbit that travels space to reach… a certain destination. The result is an impressive showcase of music and visuals compensating each other, and a masterful fusion between elements.

Be sure to watch sora tob sakana‘s MV for “ribbon” down here, as well as all the details for the upcoming “Cocoon EP”!

sora tob sakana – cocoon EP 



1. ribbon
2. Time machine ni sayonara
3. Yume no Tozoku
4. tokyo sinewave
5. Tōmei na Kaibutsu
6. Yakan hikō

Sora tob sakana‘s new “Cocoon EP” drops on April 11th (tomorrow) in all Japanese stores via Flying Penguin Records. Be sure to let us know what you think about this Music video and track down here in the comments!