SKY-HI Releases New Single “Nanairo Holiday”

Today, SKY-HI released his new single “Nanairo Holiday.”  The new single comes in three versions: CD+DVD Music Video Edition, CD+DVD Live Edition, and CD Only.  The Music Video Edition includes the “Nanairo Holiday” music video and music video making, while the Live Edition comes with SKY-HI’s performance during the SKY-HI HALL TOUR 2016 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL.

“Nanairo Holiday” has the perfect summer feel to it.  Both the song and video have an overall feel-good vibe with a pop sound.  “Welcome to the Dungeon” is the second song packed into the single.  “Welcome To The Dungeon” has a much darker and harder sound to it, blending the sounds of rap and jazz together.

Check out the single covers and the music videos for both tracks below!

CD+DVD Music Video Edition

SKY-HI Nanairo Holiday 02

CD+DVD Live Edition

SKY-HI Nanairo Holiday 03

CD Only

SKY-HI Nanairo Holiday 04

CD Tracklist

  1. ナナイロホリデー
  2. Welcome To The Dungeon
  3. ナナイロホリデー (Instrumental)
  4. Welcome To The Dungeon (Instrumental)
  5. ナナイロホリデー (Acapella)
  6. Welcome To The Dungeon (Acapella)

DVD (Music Video Edition)

  1. ナナイロホリデ Music Video
  2. ナナイロホリデ Music Video Making

DVD (Live Edition)

  1. スマイルドロップ (Smile Drop)
  2. Luce
  3. As A Sugar
  4. Ms. Liberty
  5. クロノグラフ (Chronograph)