SKY-HI and SALU to Release Second Joint Album

Back in 2016, SKY-HI and SALU joined forces for the album “Say Hello to My Minions.” On September 4, the duo will release the sequel, “Say Hello to My Minions 2.” The album features production by SOURCEKEY, APRO, SUNNY BOY, GroovyRoom, and Chaki Zulu.

“Say Hello to My Minions 2” comes in CD+DVD, CD+Blu-ray, and CD only editions. The video disc includes the music videos for the songs “Goodbye To The System” and “Rosa”, as well as the behind the scenes making of the album. Clips of all three videos can be found in the album teaser video below, along with more information on the album!

SKY-HI×SALU「Say Hello to My Minions 2」ジャケット


  1. No.5
  2. Run Ya
  3. Black Jack
  4. Goodbye To The System
  5. Rosa
  6. SS
  7. Funny Game
  8. Thanks To You
  9. Things To Do

DVD / Blu-ray

  1. Goodbye To The System (Music Video)
  2. Rosa (Music Video)
  3. Behind The Scenes of Say Hello to My Minions 2 (Bonus Movie)