SIRUP to Release New EP “CIY”

On March 25, SIRUP will release a new EP titled “CIY.” The title is an acronym that stands for “Choice Is Yours.” SIRUP says about the title that how one chooses to use love is one’s key to life.

“CIY” sees SIRUP working with the likes of STUTS, showmore‘s Inoue Atsushi, and British DJ Joe Hertz.

SIRUP recently release the music videos for two of the EP’s tracks, “Why Can’t” and “Your Love.” He released the remaining songs on “CIY” on YouTube as well. Check out more information SIRUP’s new release below!

  1. Need You Bad
  2. MAIGO feat. Joe Hertz
  3. Why Can’t
  4. Light
  5. Your Love
  6. Ready For You
  7. Pool (Tepppei Edit)