Shikao Suga to release New Album “Roudou Nanka Shinaide Kougousei Dake de Ikitai” in April

Following several years of silence, funk-pop singer/songwriter Shikao Suga has announced that he will be releasing a new studio album on April 17th. Titled “Roudou Nanka Shinaide Kougousei Dake de Ikitai”, this will be Suga’s first new record since 2016’s “THE LAST” and his 11th studio set in total.

“Roudou…” will include ten new songs – such as “Yotsuba Ginko Harashima Hiromi ga Monomousu! ~ Kono Onna ni Kakerou” theme song “Tooi Yoake” – and feature a number of collaborations with musicians like RHYMESTER’s Mummy-D, Hama Okamoto, and Suga’s own side projects kokua and Shikao & The Family Sugar. The album’s Limited Edition will come packaged with a DVD containing both a Music Video Collection for the years 2012 through 2018 and a documentary centering around the record’s production process.

Read on below to find the cover and complete track list for “Roudou Nanka Shinaide Kougousei Dake de Ikitai”.

-’Roudou Nanka Shinaide Kougousei Dake de Ikitai’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Roudou Nanka Shinaide Kougousei Dake de Ikitai
  2. Tooi Yoake
  3. Anna Koto, Otoko no Hito Minna Shitari Suru no?
  4. am 5:00
  5. Ore Datte Guitar Ippon Kakaete Inaka kara Joukyou Shitakatta
  6. Document 2019 feat. Mummy-D
  7. Star Mine
  8. Tasogare Guitar
  9. Mashed Potatoes & Hash Potatoes
  10. Shinya, Kokudou Zoi Nite
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Re:you -Music Video-
  2. Aitai -Music Video-
  3. Astride -Music Video-
  4. Anata Hitori Dake Shiawase ni Naru Koto wa Yurusarenai no yo -Music Video-
  5. Mayonaka no Niji -Music Video-
  6. Oomisoka no Uchuusen -Music Video-
  7. Ame Nochi Hare -Music Video-
  8. Twilight★Twilight -Music Video-
  9. Documentary “Burari Tochuu Gesen Dekinai Tabi”

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