Shiina Ringo releases covers for her new album

As previously reported, on November 5, Shiina Ringo is set to release her first studio album in 5 years. This will be her sixth studio album and it is titled “Hi Izuru Tokoro.” Today, she released the covers for the album. “Hi Izuru Tokoro” translates into “Land of the Rising Sun”, a nickname for Japan. Playing on this, the album cover features symbols of Japan such as Mount Fuji, the Rising Sun Flag, and Hokusai’s ukiyo-e print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. In addition to the covers, she also released an audio clip of the album’s promo single “Arikitarina Onna.” “Arikitarina Onna” was released digitally on October 1. Ringo also released a commentary video on the song. A special website has also been set up for the album. Check out the covers and videos after the jump!

Limited Edition

Shiina Ringo "Sun Shussho" Limited Edition jacket


Regular Edition

Shiina Ringo "Sun Shussho" Regular Edition jacket


Arikitarina Onna