Shiggy Jr. to Release “SHUFFLE!! E.P.”

Shiggy Jr. recently moved from Universal to Victor Entertainment. The band is now ready to debut under Victor, with a new release titled “SHUFFLE!! E.P.”, out November 22. The EP contains five songs, two of which are Fuji TV drama themes. “Yuwaku no Party” serves as the theme for “Ayamachi Scramble”, while “Boku wa Ame no Naka” is the theme song for “Boku wa Mari no Naka.”

Shiggy Jr. recently released the music video for “Boku wa Ame no Naka.” Check it out below, along with more information on this release!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. 誘惑のパーティー (Yuwaku no Party)
2. 僕は雨のなか (Boku wa Ame no Naka)
3. 二人のストーリー (Futari no Story)
4. Juuuump!!
5. 約束 (Yakusoku)

Limited Edition DVD
1. 僕は雨のなか (Boku wa Ame no Naka) (Music Video)
2. 僕は雨のなか (Boku wa Ame no Naka) (MV Making)